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I'm a part time student and I also have a part time job, but I will always try to ship out your orders within 1-5 days! We don't ship on the weekends (Saturday/Sunday) but your orders will definitely be already packed with lots of love and care by the time Monday comes around! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

All of our shipping products are recyclable and the labels are compostable!

 Why hasn't my tracking updated?

Once a package is dropped off at the post office it may take 24 hours to update! if it hasn't updated from a certain location in 1 or more days then the post office worker hasn't scanned the package to update it! Wait a day or 2 to see if the next person scans it! Please be kind!! Its out of my control but I'll try my best to help!

For US orders if it doesn't get delivered after 2 weeks or 3 (not including weekends) then please email me to see if we can work something out. 

For International orders please wait up to 2 months depending on where you are!! Please don't forget to check customs since they may be holding your package as well! If after 2 months your package doesn't show up please email me to see if we can work something out.

During Holidays these waiting times will not be accurate and it may take longer because of the holiday rush!


*Sometimes packages don't get scanned until they're out for delivery so please be patient!!!♥*

Refund/Return Policy

I'm one person (I only say we because my dad helps me sometimes) and I really can't do anything about lost or stolen packages because of the post offices mistakes. I'll always do my best to make sure none of this happens, but I can't always assure they'll do the same.

I will issue a refund if your package has not been shipped yet. If your package has been shipped then i will only issue a refund under certain circumstances.

If the wrong product is sent, please message/email as soon as possible so that this can be fixed. I will need proof of the wrong item received (i.e. a photo). After proof is sent I can either refund you, minus the shipping cost, or i can send you a replacement! You will not be asked to send the item back due to the mistake on my part!

For returns if you'd like to exchange your purchase that can be arranged! Just send me an email at supprot@heymamashop.com with the subject as "exchange/return" and I'll get to you as soon as possible  so we can work something out!

!! Due to the pandemic we will not be accepting returns or exchanges for the time being! It's for the safety of our customers and my household since i work out of my house !!



Preorders are products that have not been produced yet or are currently in the production process! Orders containing these listings will be delayed until the the item has finished production! Some products can take up to a month or 2 to arrive! For this reason these items have been listed at a lower price than what they would be originally.


If an order has been placed with 1 or more items in inventory and a preorder item, all items will be shipped when the preordered item arrives! If this is not something you want please email me and we can work something out!♥