Tough Pup and Friends

Who's Tough Pup?
Tough Pup is a sensitive little pup who wanted to become tough! He took on weight lifting (didn't last very long), as well as skateboarding to seem more tough but he ended up enjoying skateboarding a lot more than he thought! Through his journey he made new friends that cheered him on even though they thought he was perfect the way he was! 
After going through this journey of trying many different things he came to realize that he was tough all along and that he didn't have to do any of those things but was grateful for the friends he had made along the way! He also has a little sister and he's the best big brother ever!!
Does Tough Pup have a real name?
Yes! His name is Robin based off of my pup in real life named Robin, except in real life robin is actually a bit of a scaredy cat but he thinks he's super tough!
What's the cats name?
Big Boy! 
Although he's based off of my friends cat named Boris who's a huge cat!!
How old are they?
Tough pup is 8. Penny is 2. I don't know how old my friends cat is in real life so we're gonna say 4!
How many characters are there?
There's 3! 
Tough Pup, Penny, and Big Boy!