My anxiety does not define me
My anxiety does not define me

My anxiety does not define me

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Anxiety affects people in very different ways and the people surrounding those with anxiety a lot of times don’t understand what they might be going through. Anxiety can definitely take a big toll on people’s life’s because it can effect the way people communicate and express themselves! Don’t you ever feel like anxiety gets to control your life! Anxiety may be a part of you but it definitely is not you! Anxiety doesn’t define you as a person and the people around you! You’re strong and you’re still a beautiful blooming and growing flower!

•hard enamel with gold plating
•1.5" tall
•2 rubber backs
Heymama x Zambicandy engraved in the back of each pin!

This is a collaboration with my dear friend Zambi and we truly hope you like our new pin!

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